Connie Pisani Ziambianchi, P.E., C.W.I., M.S.I.


Edward Armellino, M.S.I.

Vice President

JJ Lawlor - Preferred Picture.jpeg

J.J. Laylor

Vice President of Lab Operations

Joseph Pontillo - Preferred Picture.JPG

Joseph Pontillo, P.E.

Director of Special Inspections

Harrison Redeker - Preferred Picture.jpg

Harrison Redeker

Field Manager

Julia Conlin - Preferred Picture.JPG

Julia Conlin

Business Developer

Roxanna DeOrtentiis - Preferred Picture.JPG

Roxanna DeOrtentiis

Project Engineer

Tracey Kuhn - Preferred Picture.JPG

Tracey L. Kuhn

Accounting Manager

Kevin Craig - Preferred Picture.jpeg

Kevin Craig

Special Inspector

Gloria Breslin - Preferred Picture.JPG

Gloria Brelin

Dispatch Manager