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Tracy L. Kuhn

Accounting Manager

Tracey Kuhn has over 30 years of accounting experience in public and private accounting. DO YOU WANT TO ADD HER RESPONSIBILITIES FOR AMARACON.

Prior to joining Amaracon, she spent over 10 years as an Accounting Manager for a Manufacturing & Distribution company located on Long Island (FACT CHECK). Before joining the private accounting sector, Tracy spent 20 years in public accounting as a Senior Staff Accountant for a LARGE/SMALL? CITY or LONG ISLAND? based accounting firm.

Tracy began her accounting career immediately after graduating high school. While working full time, she attended Hofstra University in the evening with her major being accounting & finance. (DID SHE EARN A DEGREE?)

During her free time, Tracey volunteers at several animal rescue organizations, helping homeless animals with medical needs, as well as finding them homes.

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