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Carlyle Hotel, MANHATTAN


AK Engineering




  • Special Inspections

    • Structural Steel-Details

    • Structural Steel-Welding

    • Structural Steel – High Strength Bolting

    • Concrete Reinforcement

    • Structural Stability

    • Spray Fire-Resistant Materials

    • Post-Installed Anchors

    • Subsurface Conditions – In-Place Density

photo of Carlyle Hotel

Photo Courtesy of Richard Johnson


The Carlyle Hotel has been home to many famed inhabitants over its 89-year NYC tenure, such as Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Calvin Klein, and even JFK just to name a few. While the Art Deco masterpiece is situated on the Upper East side on 35 East 76th Street and known for its discretion, the sheer amount of iconic jazz performers, fashion designers, political figures, and actors that have graced its 35 floors have kept it in the limelight of the city. Originally opening its doors in 1930, just as the Great Depression hit, the hotel’s extravagant design and luxe finishes have helped it stay a portrait of New York grandeur. ATI performed inspections to ensure the structural stability of the Carlyle to guarantee it remains the pinnacle of extravagant Art Deco living for generations to come.

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