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Photo of Edward Armellino

Edward armellino, M.S.I

Vice President of Field Operations

Edward Armellino began working in the construction industry as a teenager. While attending Loyola University, Maryland, Edward earned a Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering with a minor in mathematics. Edward spent two summers as an intern for MT Group, LLC where he was introduced to the testing and inspection industry. 

Upon graduation in 2012, Edward accepted a full time position at MT Group, LLC where he quickly earned numerous promotions as well as certifications, covering many disciplines in the field and in the laboratory. Edward was later named as MT Group’s Quality Officer and was held responsible for maintaining the agency’s licensing and Quality System.

Having worked directly under Connie Zambianchi for several years, Edward has been entrusted to help elevate Amaracon as a Special Inspection Agency (SIA) and Testing Lab, which will raise the quality standard in the construction industry.

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