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Photo of Joseph Pontillo

Joseph Pontillo, P.E.

Director of Special Inspections

Joseph Pontillo began his career at Weidlinger Associates as a Civil Engineer.  After four years in the field, he obtained his New York State Professional Engineering License. Prior to joining Amaracon, Joseph spent over ten years in the industry as a Civil Engineer, working for both Weidlinger Associates and Thornton Tomasetti.

Joseph joined Amaracon in 2018 as the Manager of Special Inspections, bringing a unique perspective and experience in design and helping shape and grow this division of the company.  He maintains a high-level of communication with both the contractor and Engineer of Record, to assure a job is done with precision and accuracy.  In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities, Joseph has taken an active role in helping expand the company, including the recruitment of new talent and growing Amaracon’s client base.

In November 2021, Joseph was named as the Director of Special Inspections at Amaracon.  He leads a team of multidisciplinary special inspectors and provides oversight and direction for the future development of this division.

Joseph Pontillo holds his Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering and Masters Degree in Transportation from Polytechnic University.

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