Concrete Testing 101: What Actually Happens

It has come to my attention that many of our clients don't exactly know how far Amaracon's vast areas of expertise expands. So we have decided to have each team member give a quick synopsis of what our capabilities are weekly. We are going to start with the meat and potatoes of what we do, concrete testing.

  • An ACI (American Concrete Institute) Field Testing Technician will show up on site and perform a series of 6 different tests as well as inspect the concrete in various ways. The technician will check all the concrete batch tickets to make sure the required mix design is used and that each truck is placed within the 90-minute window allowed.

  • Midway through discharging the truck, the technician will take a sample of concrete and start performing the tests. Temperature, slump, unit weight, and the air is sampled in the field. Cylinders are then molded and left on site for 24 hours. The next day we pick up the samples and take it back to our lab to cure in our temperature and moisture controlled curing room until the cylinders are ready to break.

  • After the samples are broken the results are immediately entered into our digital platform, reviewed, and then sent to our clients. If you have any additional questions on how we test and sample concrete please drop us an email us.

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