Specialty Inspections - What Do They Entail?

Here at Amaracon, we pride our self in our wide range of capable inspections and testing. Our Specialty Inspections department consists of:

  • Adjacent Property Photo

Surveys- Prior to the beginning of a project one of our inspectors will extensively photograph and/or videotape any existing properties within the radius of the project. Our inspector will take note of any pre-existing damage or deficiencies then organize and analyze every photo. This allows our clients to be aware of and have documentation of any issues that may have existed prior to the start of their project.

  • Vibration Monitoring- As per NYC code, buildings within 90 lateral feet of any project are required to be monitored for vibrations exceeding .5 in/sec. With our vibration monitors we can record any vibrations up to 10 in/sec within 25 feet of our monitor. By remotely controlling our monitors we can tap into them from our office to change any settings, send out readings, and diagnose any signal issues allowing for a completely controlled monitoring system.

  • Crack Tell Monitoring- After pre-existing cracks have been made aware in our photo survey our inspector will install crack monitors on any cracks that have been determined to be of high importance. These monitors will then be documented and photographed on a weekly or monthly basis and compared to track the expansion/contraction of these cracks.

  • Anchor Pull Test- With our hydraulic cylindrical pull system we are able to attach to any type of anchor assembly our clients can throw at us and pull the anchors to failure or to a set hold amount.

  • Coring- If concrete pouring reports do not exist, or cylinder breaks are not meeting the required psi, we are able to remove cores to determine actual strength. Our inspectors at Amaracon testing can safely drill into existing concrete and remove cores to be sent back to our lab and be properly tested. Using our GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) we can confidently drill into a slab, wall, column or beam while avoiding reinforcement to obtain core samples worth testing

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