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251 West 117th Street, Manhattan


Artimus Construction


Spring 2021


  • Preconstruction Surveys

  • Special Inspections

    • ​Mechanical

    • Fire Stopping

    • Chimney

    • Fire Rated Wall

    • Sprinkler

    • Standpipe

photo of 251 W 117 St

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251 W 117th Street is a new construction project that was completed in the Summer of 2020. The development is a residential building, spanning 13 stories and consisting of 32 mixed income affordable dwelling units. Built in the once empty lot behind the 107-year old Harlem’s St. Thomas the Apostle Church, the goal of the development has been to offer new life to utilizing a once forgotten space. The concrete façade designed by Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel Architects has been coined as a “tough luxe exterior” that compliments the surrounding neighborhood’s unique charm. A landscaped courtyard, rooftop, and virtual doorman service are just a few of the luxury amenities that have been built into the latest project by Artimus Construction nearing almost 100,000 square feet in total.

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