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Specialty testing

We offer building survey services to confirm the design and strength of an existing structure. Our team offers the most professional and efficient services, while being aware of our surroundings.

Specialty testing includes:

  • Floor Flatness Testing ASTM’s covered: E1155
    Using the latest technology provided with the Axiom 1155 profiler, we are able to determine if the required limits of floor flatness have been achieved.

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Our services are ideal for concrete and masonry inspection and evaluation. Our teams can easily and accurately locate the position and depth of metallic and non-metallic objects in concrete and masonry structures. This includes rebar, conduit, post-tension cables, voids, and service utilities. GPR services can be conveniently paired with concrete coring operations to avoid obstructions, giving the driller the best chance to achieve a suitable sample.

  • Windsor Probe and Windsor Pin ASTM’s Covered: C803A “non-destructive” testing method which will find the compressive strength of concrete, grout, or mortar. These tests are commonly called for when coring the area is not feasible and immediate results are needed.

  • Pull Test – Anchors / Rebar ASTM’s Covered: D4435
    We offer tension load testing on structural items, including adhesive/mechanical anchors and concrete
    reinforcement of all sizes. Our teams can perform testing on various applications, including overhead, 
    horizontal, and vertical down anchorages. Load testing 
    can be conveniently paired with anchor bolt installation 
    inspection, which Amaracon also provides.

  • Pull Test – Bond Testing ASTM’s Covered: C1583,  D4541, D7234, D7522Amaracon offers tension load 
    testing on the bond strength between two substrates. These include, but are not limited to, concrete repair and overlay materials, adhesives, fiber wrapping, and paint coatings. Our teams can perform testing on various applications including overhead, horizontal, and vertical down positions.

  • Slip Meter - Coefficient of Friction Testing ANSI’s Covered: A326.3, A137.1, B101.3Floors are tested for the co-efficient of friction to determine if a floor finish or walkway is safe against slips. Our team can test the the static or dynamic coefficient of friction with one easy device following a number of ANSI standards.

  • Concrete Coring ASTM’s Covered: C42, C39, C1542, C1104 Concrete coring is a popular, accurate, and DOB approved method used for site investigations where concrete strength is in question. Amaracon also provides in-house or field shotcrete panel core 
    sampling. Our teams can obtain samples from overhead, horizontal, and vertical down concrete 
    members. Offering 2”, 3”, 4”, and 6” diameter drilling, Amaracon can verify thickness (depth), compressive strength, density, and absorption, while providing visual analysis.

concrete specialty testing

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Specialty Testing
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