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Connie Zambianchi,

P.E., C.W.I., M.S.I.

Connie Zambianchi started working in the construction industry when she was still at Manhattan College studying Civil Engineering. Since completing her degree she has worked for some of the major construction companies in NYC as an Owners Representative at STV Inc., Construction Manager at RCDolner Construction, Heavy Civil Contractor at Conti Corp, and Master Special Inspector at Materials Testing Group. 

Connie's projects have included bridges, tunnels, roadways, airports, railways and subways, commercial buildings, industrial power plants as well as countless buildings for the residential sector. 

After serving as the Director of Special Inspections at MTGroup for three years, she decided to put all her experience together to create a Special Inspection Agency (SIA) which will meet everyones needs- Amaracon Testing & Inspections, LLC.  


Since then, Connie has been recognized by Professional Women In Construction (PWC) as one a "20 Under 40 Women in Construction" and by Women Builders Council (WBC) as one of WBC's Outstanding Women & Next Generation of Women Builders for 2016.

Connie and all at Amarcon Testing & Inspections, LLC. fully understand their clients needs and collaborate with their clients in whatever way necessary to help projects be completed safely and securely in a timely manner. Our goal is to raise the Quality Standards in NYC.


Edward ArmellinO, M.S.I.

Edward Armellino started working in the construction industry as a teenager. While attending Loyola University Maryland, Edward studied Materials Engineering along with a minor in Mathematics. Edward spent two summers as an intern for MT Group, LLC where he was introduced to the testing and inspection industry. 

Upon graduation in 2012, Edward accepted a full time position at MT Group, LLC where he quickly climbed the ladder and became well certified, covering many disciplines in the field and in the laboratory. Edward also was later named MT Group’s Quality Officer and was held responsible for maintaining the agency’s licensing and Quality System.

Having worked directly under Connie Zambianchi for several years, Edward has been trusted to add more experience to create a Special Inspection Agency (SIA) and Testing Lab which will raise the quality standard in the construction industry.

Lab Manager


John possesses seven years of laboratory experience, and is knowledgeable in a plethora of laboratory testing procedures. John began his laboratorial work while he was at Carnegie Mellon University. He has three years of experience in Quality Control Laboratories. 

During this time, he employed numerous testing methods to meet standards set by several protocols, both domestic and international. 

For two years, he managed the QC laboratory for Bridgeport Biodiesel LLC.

John Lawlor
Edward Armellino
Connie Zambianchi
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