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Harrison Redeker headshot

Harrison redeker

Field Manager

Harrison Redeker has three years of experience in the construction industry working for private contractors. Upon joining Amaracon, Harrison was introduced to the testing and inspection industry; here, he was able to obtain multiple safety and inspection/testing certifications.

As Field Manager, Harrison is responsible for overseeing the work of other inspectors as well as training new hires in the certification process. Harrison performs his duties in the field assuring quality control on various jobsites, as per job specifications. He is qualified to perform field inspections and testing for concrete, soils, asphalt and is considered a special inspector for reinforced concrete construction, masonry and firestopping. Harrison is also responsible for the Vibration Monitoring division of Amaracon where he installs and monitors remotely, as well as overseeing a large portion of the coring operations.

Harrison earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Marist College in Spring of 2012.

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